Benefits of keeping our tamariki active

If you think about it, our tamariki are very active. They are always running, jumping, dancing, and moving about all of the time. Keeping them active now while they’re young and doing fun workouts and games, there is a high chance that they will continue to include this in their day to day routine as they grow older.

There are so many games, dances, and workouts that you can partake in and learn to love. The benefits of keeping active are bountiful. It helps strengthen our tamariki hearts, lungs and brain. It can also help strengthen their muscles which help support their joints and improve their metabolism. Staying active on a daily basis can improve the strength of their bones. The more active they get, the more that helps them keep their balance and stops the tamariki from falling over. It helps build their immune system so they get sick less often. It also great for keeping their brain sharp and onto it by helping control their behaviour more and maintains their memory. It helps expands their attention span and learn better through out the day. Tamariki will be able to get a better nights sleep that can really benefit them with functioning better, be a lot calmer and controls their moods and help with the development of their brain. This is will help increase their confidence, even if they’re not the athletic type and will encourage them to keep active with and alongside others. Below I have attached some links to YouTube for dances  that you can also do with your tamaiti and a photo of a workout for our tamariki, that you can join alongside your tamaiti/tamariki. If you can please take a photo or a video of you doing it together or just your tamaiti (child) doing it and send it in to us. We would love to see it.

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