Bored Jar

Kia ora whānau.  Auckland is in level 3 lockdown again. If you like a sanity-saver to keep your child entertained, the bored jar can help you out.

Kaiako has create a list of  30 activities that our tamariki love to do at preschool. They are fun and easy to set up. You could create a bored jar with 30 ideas or simply let the children pick one fun thing from the list.

Kia kaha! We will get through this. Take care everyone.

  1. Water the plants/lawn.
  2. Clean the toys and keep all the germs away.
  3. Make a magic potion from things you find in the garden. Think about its magic power.
  4. Get a paint brush and a bucket of water. Paint with water on the fence, outdoor wall or concrete.
  5. Use chalk to create a hop scotch on the drive way.
  6. Take a walk outside and pick up some rocks. Bring them home and paint them.
  7. Make a paddle out of paper plate and stick. Blow up a ballon and play ballon tennis against each other.
  8. Get a bucket of soapy water and a sponge/cloth to wash the car/bike/scooter.
  9. Lie a blanket on the ground outside and watch the clouds. See what kind of shapes or pictures you can make out of each one.
  10. Make a mask out of paper or paper plates.
  11. Build a fort with blankets and chairs.
  12. Tie dye an old t-shirt.
  13. Lie down on the ground and draw around your shadow in chalk.
  14. Create a collage painting with old magazine, newspapers, scissors and glue.
  15. Do some yoga poses or meditation.
  16. Fizzy science experiment with baking soda, vinegar, food colouring and droppers. Mix vinegar with food colouring and then drop it into a tray of backing soda.
  17. Do you know the box of LUX flakes at the supermarket in the laundry isle? Whisk that with warm water and leave it turns to slime!
  18. Make play dough.
  19. Crush chalk and add some water. Use it to paint concrete/ fence. It can be washed off with water.
  20. Shut curtains, turn some music on and have a dance party/ disco.
  21. Find different kind of leaves and grass and bark, put on a peg and use to paint with.
  22. Wheels day, draw starting lines, middle lines and park on the concrete for a track.
  23. Put plastic animals/ dolls in warm soapy water for a bath (added bonus of cleaning them).
  24. Ballon painting, put a bit of water in a ballon then tie it up with a piece of string and use it to stamp paint.
  25. Fill a spray bottle with some coloured water. Spray onto a piece of paper to create artworks.
  26. Listen to an audiobook.
  27. Laser game. Tide strings around the furnitures to create an obstacle course. Crawl, roll, jump around the laser but do not touch it! Play mission impossible theme on the background.
  28. Find a cardboard box and make it into something really cool (robot, house, a ramp for toy cars to run ect).
  29. Go for a bug hunt in the garden.
  30. Scavenger hunt. Make your own scavenger hunt or print one off online for free.