Cold water play dough



Measuring cups


Two cups flour 

One cup salt 

tsp oil (cooking oil of any kind)

Colour of your choice/or no colour 

One cup of water from the tap (cold). 


Pour two cups of flour in a bowl, add one cup of salt and then mix with your hands together. Add oil (1tsp) and mix again, add colour (if you want colour) and then one cup of water. Mix all together. 

An easy recipe which is great for home, especially when it can be difficult to keep young children entertained on a wet day and it’s something different from technology! You can use utensils, baking equipment and items around the house for children to roll, make shapes and craft the play dough into different things. 

We find that our children love to help make the play dough here with the teachers, and often want to part take in every step of making the play dough. 

When making the play dough, if you find it’s too sticky just add a little more flour, and if too dry just add a little more water and your on your way!

Let us know your feedback on how you went if you made the play dough at home! We would love to see your photos.