Fun with Cutting and Collage

Kia ora .
I would love to share an idea that is easy to set up at home and I have seen children enjoying this activity at the centre.

All you will need is old magazines, scissors, glue, paper or small boxes. Encourage your children to tear or cut pieces of images from the magazines and then glue them onto the paper or a small box.

Children can choose their favourite pictures from the magazines, cut them out and then paste them on a card. They will love to arrange the images to create a special pattern. This is called collage painting and children really like doing this. There is lots of learning happening with this activity,
where children are developing skills like cutting, gluing and sticking, being
creative and learning about design, pattern-making, dimension and
If you want to make this activity more challenging, draw a simple pattern like a heart shape, butterfly or a tree. We can make it look interesting by cutting out lots of small pieces and pasting them onto the paper. We need to be more patient for doing this, but it is great to be creative and practise on their attention span, as well as their fine motor skills, such as where to place their pieces of paper.

Don’t worry too much about the end product. It is more about the process and how they got to the end!

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