Handwriting is a useful skill to master. Whilst at ECE we don’t expect essays, some of our 4 and 5 year olds can write their names beautifully and the entire alphabet in upper and lower case.  

Let’s start with the basics.  This involves the correct grip.  We see all techniques like the fist grip that can bore a hole through 10 sheets of paper and destroy many a pencil tip, and the double hand grips and many more.  But what is the correct way?

This is useful to practice with. Consider a fun exercise on a piece of paper – draw a sun in the right hand corner of the page. For older kids practice writing your first and last name.

Fun learning activity from home: big/small letters song

{Click the link to the YouTube video on big and small letters please whanau}

Then when you feel confident try to move onto letters like the NZ Curriculum.

NZ Curriculum Handwriting

The techniques to do both upper and lower case letters from the Ministry of Education are set out below.  We realise that there are a number of ways to form letters, but New Zealand schools teach handwriting in the NZ Curriculum with strokes in the following way illustrated below.  You start on the red spot, and move in the direction of the arrow firstly.

Whanau are reminded that this is very difficult for most children and this can be very stressful.  It is often best to focus on just one letter at first.  Perhaps the first letter of their own name.

It is not a race or competition. Learning is meant to be fun for tauira (students). So please be kind and if the writing is illegible or completely incorrect, just say something like “well done, that’s a nice try. Could we perhaps try it again a little differently?” 

We hope your older pre-schoolers have a bit of fun with this blog and enjoy the benefits of handwriting. Learning to write your name is part of giving your child the best start pre-school.