Heath & Saftey

The leading team at Play Learn Grow Early Childcare understand that health and safety is the biggest priority for families.

The extra measures and precautions we are taking at Play Learn Grow will set us apart from any other ECE centre in the West. Here are 3 important reasons why:

  1. We have adopted the very best health & safety measures that have been recommended by the Ministries of Health and Education.  All protective measures that are possible in the ECE environment will be taken at our centre.  We have done extensive research to determine what works best.  This  includes investing in the very best temperature reader (an infrared thermographic camera) to minimize the risk of illness at our centre.  Staff and children have their temperatures daily before entering the building.
  2. Minimising contact and keeping things clean! Our pickup/drop off procedures ensure only children and staff enter the building.  This is a very smooth process as we have a well covered outdoor area and a special ‘waving window’ to ensure this is a happy process!   Regular and monitored cleaning and sterilising of equipment and toys is carried out regularly throughout the day.
  3. Our centre has been purpose built and is only a year old – we have more internal and external space than most other centres and have self-contained areas for different age groups.  We can partition our outdoor play areas, and can create multiple outdoor play areas for children, which differs from most other centres.  We encourage distance eating and distance play where practically possible within the ECE environment, and of course we make it fun.

Please feel free to contact us for our detailed Pandemic Plan or Health and Safety Policy, or about any specific question or query you may have.

We are a family owned business dedicated to providing the very best childcare out West.  Our unchanged team of dedicated teachers and purpose built centre are equipped to deal with these changing times.