How to scaffold children’s learning?

When the tamariki (children) are learning something new that they haven’t done before, a kaimahi (teacher) scaffolds their learning by supporting and guiding them how to do it. As the tamariki or the tamaiti (child) learn the skill, then the help from the kaimahi lessens and lessens as they get more confident in accomplishing that skill until they can do it all on their own.

A few ways of scaffolding a child’s learning can be by using demonstrations like when a tamaiti is building a block tower, the kaimahi who is scaffolding their learning can build their own tower next to them to show them a way that the blocks work the best and then it is up to that tamaiti to copy your idea by doing their tower again.

You as the kaimahi can also make suggestions if the tamaiti is having a hard time completing their activity. You can do this by, “Your block tower keeps falling down, one way to fix that would be by putting bigger blocks at the bottom and smaller ones at the top s. What other ways can we help the tower stay up?”

Another way to scaffold their learning could be to give them some encouragement. When you give them encouragement, it increases their confidence and makes them want to continue what they’re doing until its completed.

Scaffolding is very helpful for our tamariki, especially when they are needing that bot more encouragement or support from their kaimahi. It helps them gain more confidence and helps them find ways of coming to their own conclusion of how to come to the correct answer for their activity and how to accomplish it.

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