Jolly Phonics and Early Literacy

Do children learn literacy at preschool? Yes, it’s not too early for a 4-year old to learn
the alphabet.
Learning literacy can be fun. One teaching method we are using at Play Learn Grow
is Jolly Phonics, a fun way to learn the sounds of letters. You might have heard your
child singing short songs like “/a/- /a/! Ants on my arm.” That is one of our favourite
children’s songs that they picked up from the Jolly Phonics.
What is Jolly Phonics? Jolly Phonics is a fun, multi-sensory program for teaching the
sounds of letters. For example, for learning the /a/ sound, we sing a short song to the
tune of Skip to My Lou. It goes like this:
/a/- /a/! Ants on my arm.
/a/- /a/! Ants on my arm.
/a/- /a/! Ants on my arm.
They’re causing me alarm.
Our children love singing this song. It comes with the action, pinching your arm as if
the ants are bitting you. It offers an enjoyable way to link letters with their sounds in
a meaningful context. We incorporate Jolly Phonic with Casey the Caterpillar to teach
our children the letter of the week. They love singing these action songs, learning the
shapes of letters and being keen to practice drawing the first character of their own
Jolly Phonic is an effective program for teaching letters and letter sounds to young
children. Each letter comes with a Jolly Song that is short and explicit. Check out a
couple of examples on YouTube and have fun with the Jolly Phonic approach.

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