Karakia Kai

You may be thinking what is a karakia kai? A karakia kai is a traditional Maori blessing or prayer that is said/sung before eating our kai (food).

Here at Play Learn Grow we respect and tautoko (support) our Tangata Whenua by honouring Te Tiriti o Waitangi (The Treaty of Waitangi) by implementing te reo Maori me ona tikanga into our daily routines. We are aware that not everyone is religious or that whanau may have their own God or whoever they pray to and that’s absolutely fine. That is the reason we don’t have a karakia kai that says thanks to a God. It is a ritual that we all find of great importance to all of us and is beneficial for all our tamariki. We do have certain expectations that we all place our hands together while we say it. We also have some whanau and tamariki that like to have the option of closing their eyes while karakia kai takes place.

Te Whariki is an inclusive curriculum for all of our tamariki and holds the promise that all our tamariki will be empowered to learn with and alongside their peers while exploring their activities of interest that are meaningful for them. All our kaimahi work together to ensure that our tamariki are getting the best experiences.