Kelston Primary School Visit

“I was worried about school transitioning because she is still a little girl to me. It is good to see her doing so well at the school visit.” 

Rosa, Mila’s mum expressed how she felt about Mila’s transitioning to primary school, which is happening in the following month. Moving to primary school can cause anxiety and uncertainty for the child and the parents. There are new teachers, peers, routines and processes that you and your child need to adjust to. It is normal for the parents having concern about how ready your child is for school. 

There are so many benefits for having a school visit before your child starts primary school. It helps children get familiar with their classroom, teacher, the peers in their class, the toilets and playground and basic routines carried out in the class on a daily basis.

What happen during the school visit?

School visits usually run for a half day, either in the morning or the afternoon. Children will have the chance to participate in two or three sessions including circle time, individual desk work, morning tea or afternoon tea time and play time. It is aimed to create a familiarity for the children and an understanding of what happens in the classroom.

Primary teachers will pair each child up with a ‘buddy’ student during the school visit. This ‘buddy’ will be responsible for showing the child where to put his or her bag, hat, lunch box and drinking bottle, where the toilet is, sitting with them at mat time and tea time, working with them for the individual desk work.

What do I need to prepare my child?

A lunchbox, drink bottle, walking shoes, sunhat or raincoat according to the weather.

At Play Learn Grow, we organise schools visit to the nearby primary schools each term. Kaiako have taken our four-year-olds to Kelston Primary school and St Leonards Road Primary school for half day visits. The children have been doing really well during the school visits. They felt comfortable being in a new environment and were confidently taking part in mat time and individual desk work. Our children love school visits! Check out the pictures of our school trip to Kelston Primary.

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