Level 3 Daycare Drop off and pick up information

Here is a a video to show parents how pick up and drop off will safely work at Play Learn Grow during level 3.

You must wear a mask during pick up and drop off, and the teacher collecting your child/children will also be wearing a mask at these times.

Only one parent per drop off please.

Step 1: If someone is dropping off their child at the same time, please remain in your car until they have finished their drop off.

Step 2: Please wear a mask when getting out of the car and bringing your child to the door. Please keep a distance of 2 metres away from anyone else in the car park.

Step 3: Sign in using our Covid tracer app on your phone or let a teacher know if you need to manually sign in for this at the door.

Step 4: A staff member will greet you at the door and take your child’s temperature.

Step 5: We will ensure a smooth handover with your child.

These procedures are to be followed when picking up your child also. Remember to keep a 2 metre distance from anyone else at the centre or car park.

If there is a reason you have to come inside our centre, for example you are settling your child for the first time you will be required to:

Have your temperature taken

Sanitise your hands

Wear a mask at all times

Maintain a 2 metre distance with other staff members

If your child is sick you must keep them at home. We will keep you all updated with the change in announcements, as they will make changes to the different steps that they have put into place.

For regular Covid 19 updates please visit the government website:


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