Outdoor Play Experience Advantages:

Providing a range of different play experiences outside can help babies and young children develop the necessary skills for further learning. Giving them greater exposure to natural lighting in the outdoors can enhances their health and mental performances, and moods. 

Outdoor environment creates opportunities for hands on learning, reduce stress and increases happier moods in children. Explore, embrace the outdoors, and encourage children to use all sensors of their bodies when outdoors. 

Encourage children to shout, use their voices outdoors, provide room and space in the outdoors to explore through physical movements. Growth within and physical movement outdoors for young children and babies will help them to develop hand and eye coordination skills, risk taking and freedom to express. 

The different skills babies and young children learn while playing in the outdoors:

Social skills with peers/family 

Turn taking and sharing 

Ways to deal with moods/ calming relaxation 

Communication – verbal and non verbal skills 

Recognition around them through the environment 

Help over come fears and build connection with nature 

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