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Settling into childcare

Here at Play Learn Grow we are very committed to creating rapport and fostering a strong relationship with each and every family.

There is not one way for a family and child to transition into our PLG family.

We work with you to develop strategies that align with your home and family values and specific needs.

Some suggestions are

If you are able to, come for visits before your child starts and spend some time with them and us in the environment. This can help with connecting home life with their new centre.

Work with us to help create a special bond between one teacher and your child (at first). This is called primary caregiving. It can be very helpful and creates a trusting transition with a good solid relationship for your child to rely on.

Share some of your child’s interests, family and cultural background and abilities with the teaching team. This will help to have conversations about your child’s very special uniqueness and experiences.

Talk to your child about the things they can do at their new centre. Also people that they may have connected with. This can encourage forward thinking and ideas of things to explore. It can help with looking forward to going.

Always say farewell – Ka kite – Talofa lava- and that you will return later. This is important for trust and understanding that you are going at that you will return. This will also help with other times when you need to leave your child. They will learn to trust that you will come back.

The teaching team will create a portfolio, which you are welcome to look at when you are at the Centre. You are welcome to bring in things from home like drawings and photos to add to your child’s portfolio. This is another way of making the link from centre to home and back very visible for your child. They can also share photos from home in this book.