Our Philosophy

At Play Learn Grow we believe that people are the heart of the matter.

Our staff work hard to provide a safe and empowering environment for children and families, honouring the special values of Aotearoa, while embracing our diverse range of cultures.

Through unconditional support, respect and understanding, we strive to create a true sense of trust and belonging for everyone.

We do this by sharing aspirations, encouraging participation and inspiring contribution from all those who join the Play Learn Grow whanau.

Our teachers are passionate professionals dedicated to helping children flourish. We pride ourselves on teaching mathematics, literacy, art, music and dance, language, science and active play through creative thinking and exploration. This allows each child to develop their own strengths and capabilities.

At Play Learn Grow, we value playfulness, happiness and resilience.
These are the foundations for lifelong, meaningful learning.

We play, we learn and we grow. Our key principles of the centre are:

  • Te Whāriki – Bicultural values and teaching/learning guidelines.
  • RIE and Pikler – Respectful, patient and trusting connections with learners.
  • Maslow – Strong links to identity and Te Whāriki – our curriculum of Aotearoa.
  • Vygotsky – Zone of proximal development. Observing level of skill, knowledge, language, and/or comprehension and extending on this.

Why Play Learn Grow?

We know how difficult it is to choose the right early childcare education centre. We make that choice easy.

Our brand-new, modern facilities have separated areas for play, quiet time and age-appropriate learning.

Our caring and well qualified staff work from considered daily learning plans to give your child the best possible start to their education. We welcome you to visit Play Learn Grow to see this for yourself.

• A New Zealand-owned family business with vast ECE experience.
• Highly qualified, experienced and registered educators (police vetted).
• Educators trained in childcare behaviour management.
• High quality teacher/child ratios.
• Nutritious meals on a monthly rotation (vegetarian and halal options available).
• Environmentally friendly, including a waste minimising programme.
• Full surveillance cameras to keep our children, staff, caregivers and premises safe.
• Free learning app (private and safe) for your mobile or computer, to keep you updated on your child’s learning.
• 20 free ECE hours.
• WINZ subsidies.

We welcome your visit and to enrol your child into Play Learn Grow