Pros to Lockdown

Life doesn’t completely stop when a lockdown occurs if anything it gives us more time with our loved ones in our mini bubbles. Under the restrictions of level 4 and 3 we can find it difficult to keep our bubbles busy and healthy. It is important to keep our minds healthy, and happy during this time and ways to do this is by being busy with our little ones.

What to do during lockdowns with children.

–          Make food/smoothies (bake with your children)

–          Make Te Pees and tents from materials around the home

–          Make a home theatre experience and watch a movie that your child wants to watch

–          Enjoy the fresh air and take walks – visit the (parks) fields and kick a ball around

–          Spend quality time together

–          If you have projects around the home and the child is confident enough to be there alongside, get them involved.

–          Wash the car! Kids love water

–          Do arts and crafts

–          Have a Pj day – on a windy and wet day

–          Remember to stay safe and have fun.

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