Setting a calming environment for babies.

Setting a calming environment for baby’s in either a home environment or Early Childhood setting is important for both the baby and carer. It can nurture there emotional wellbeing and cognitive development for the better. Being able to give baby’s one on one will enhance their bond and feeling of security. Babies want to know who their primary caregiver is, and to feel loved and always connected.

Loud spaces in and out of the home can be an overwhelming experience for a baby and can result in a baby becoming upset or distressed. The energy that a mother carries is often placed onto the baby. Babies often enjoy a calming environment with sorter sounds and music, especially when they are resting or feeding.

–          Spend quality one on one time with your baby

–          Read, sing, play familiar rhymes to your baby (language and voice)

–          Observe their facials and do facial ques back (copy)

–          Cuddle, hold and rock them for comfort (skin to skin contact)

–          Provide your baby a calming atmosphere through yourself (mothers energy)

–          Use fresh air and nature to soak up time, love, and health with your baby

–          Do a range of activities to enrich their cognitive, social, and emotional skills

–          Play relaxing music or sit outside and listen to nature when interacting with your baby

New Zealand’s teaching curriculum, Te Whariki recognises the importance of baby’s wellbeing’s and the best way to nurture and provide comfort to your baby is through having that bond and connection from the mother and baby.

(Te Whariki page 33) – Language, key words, signs, routines that infants are familiar at home or in ECE settings can enrich their learning experiences.  

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