Setting a creative environment

Setting a creative environment in Early Childhood, will empower our tamariki through Play by exploring and putting their imagination into action, and strengthens the emotions during and after transitions. Tamariki can experiment and be introduced to working in groups to share and use materials together in new and innovate ways.

This will create and develop concentration, practicing skills especially fine motor skills, a sense of belongings, and to have the ability to solve problems and confidence to take risks. To understand concepts, shapes colours, numbers, say one or two more words, using self-expressions in lots of fun, enjoyment with different activities set up. For example: messy play, painting, gloop, water and play dough.

The purpose of this is that our tamariki gain new skills by understanding and achieving good positive behaviours and will continue to influence their learning throughout life.

Ministry of Education (2017) says that Providing a rich environment for the tamariki where they are able to see themselves as explorers.

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