The benefits of having a routine

Routines are an important part of our curriculum at Play Learn Grow childcare centre. Each day our meal times, mat times, play time and transitioning to school programme take place roughly about the same time.  The reason our children love to have a routine is because they know what to expect next and this helps their day run smoothly.

Maintaining a regular routine at home will help to create an organised and predictable home environment, which makes children feel secure, calm and gain a sense that they are in control.

When children are following a regular routine, they are learning skills like time management and self-regulation. They are becoming more independent while doing tasks like dressing themselves with less help or supervision from parents. 

Another benefit of having a routine is to build a healthy lifestyle from a very young age. When  children get used to brushing their teeth, exercising regularly, washing their hands before meal times and after using the bathroom, it is very likely that they will maintain these habits into their adult life.

Making a picture routine clock will give young children visual clues which can make it easier for them to follow.  They will enjoy creating a routine clock with parents, contributing their ideas about how their days are going to work. 

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