Transitioning to Primary school.

Transitioning to Primary school can be a bit scary for both children and parents, but the idea is to make sure that the children are ready. You can make sure that they have a great start by following a few of these tips.

1 – Being independent with their self help skills. One thing that will help your child is making sure that they have great self help skills. This means that they are able to dress and undress themselves. To be able to put their own shoes on, and to know how open their packets or containers that are in their lunch box.

2 – Being able to go to the toilet independently. This also includes being able to wipe themselves, and washing their hands afterwards. This is small, yet with the ratios in the classroom, it helps the teachers when your child is independent and can take themselves off to the toilet without help.

3 – Being able to recognise letters and write their name is also great. The teachers don’t expect children starting school to know how to do this, but if they do, its awesome. Taking ownership of their own work in the classroom is a huge responsibility, however making sure that they write their name on their work is a good way to settle in to the class.

4 – Having good fine motor skills, such as being able to use scissors, is where your child can work independently, following the instructions from their teacher.

5 – Make sure that you have been for some visits, so when your child does start, its not such a foreign concept to them. Having a lot of conversations around school and how fun it will be is also helpful.

Going to your local Primary school is a nice way for your child to meet new friends, in which they will be able to go through their schooling years with familiar faces, which in turn, can build life long friendships!

School can be an anxious time for you both, but it will definitely make the situation easier if you are able to these things.