Wa Whakapai – Tidy up time

Lately we have realised that wa – whakapai (tidy up time) is not working as well as we have been hoping for. We put on our tidy up song and away the tamariki went, running around in circles, running  to hide under the table, escape to play outside, sitting down and playing or the odd few ‘helping’ by picking up the toys and placing them under the bed, under the table or in the different baskets or drawers and not in the right places. They’re actually doing what you have asked, just not how we were wanting.

One way is to show them by pointing out the objects by naming them and saying the colours of the objects to make it easier for them to focus on one thing at a time. “….name…. can you please pick up the blue blocks and put them into the lego box?.” Usually it works really well but another way to get them to understand that every object has a home where they belong. By teaching our tamariki where objects belong, we are teaching them by showing them we are respecting the environment. If we kaimahi (teachers) and whanau place the resources away after our activity, then our tamariki will slowly get used to doing too and become a habit. With this happening our tamariki will respect the environment they play in, then they will understand it’s value and the importance of belonging somewhere