Writing Numbers

Number Practice

Numbers are important in life to help understand things like telling the time, how old people are, money and finance, and so much more.  A good start is learning how to write numbers. 

Our friends teaching in Primary Schools also use the NZ Curriculum. Therefore we teach to the Ministry of Education guidelines. We are not seeking to change how you write numbers, but we wish to teach our children in accordance with the NZ Curriculum. Therefore the strokes start at the red dot and go in the direction of the arrow, as shown below:

We are learning to practise writing our numerals correctly including:

  • Start at the correct starting place
  • Going in the right direction
  • Making our numbers the same size and shape

Writing numbers is so much fun. Often kids do these for a long time as they enjoy the control and mastery they develop.  However initially this can cause a lot of frustration as it is something new and difficult. It is a major accomplishment to be able to write your first number, so let’s be sure to praise our tamariki or mokopuna (child or grandchild), and help them to have fun learning to write numbers.

Here is a fun video link to show them that teaches writing numbers: